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Top coated aluminum coil suppliers

Top coated aluminum coil suppliers can ensure very smooth outer surface, does not have any indentation, and the aluminum coil is not easy to deform when shearing. The surface of the color coated aluminum coil can have wood grain, stone grain and other patterns, which look quite textured and very beautiful. The color coated aluminum coil manufacturer can customize the aluminum coil according to the customer's requirement, so that the product has good decoration and meets the customer's individual needs.

coated aluminum coil suppliers

The paint on the surface of the color-coated aluminum coil has been subjected to high temperature baking treatment and has a certain glossiness. There are several types of coating colors, which are colorful, not easy to fade, and have no color difference. The service life of polyester lacquer is 10 years, and the processing period of fluorocarbon lacquer using non-slip aluminum plate is up to 20 years. The coating of the color coated aluminum coil is a green and environmentally friendly material, and no toxic gas will be volatilized.

The production of color coated aluminum coils uses high-quality aluminum materials, and the coated aluminum coil suppliers processing technology is also very advanced. The coated aluminum coil has high mechanical strength and good toughness, and will not break when bent. Wind, environmental temperature, air humidity, and changes in climate throughout the four seasons will not have a huge impact on the properties of aluminum coils, aluminum coils are not easy to expand and contract.

Color-coated aluminum coils are not easily corroded by acidic and alkaline substances, will not produce mildew spots, and are not prone to rust. The flame retardancy of aluminum coils meets the standards set by relevant departments. Aluminum coils have been widely used in large factories, station platforms, airports, basketball courts, office buildings, residential houses and other places.


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