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Haomei Aluminum is a coating aluminum sheet factory with rich experience on color coated aluminum production and export. Haomei adopt advanced color coated aluminum sheet production line, after degreasing, phosphating and passivation treatments on the surface of the aluminum sheet coil, a continuous roll coating method is used to coat the surface with multiple organic coatings (such as modified resin (SMP), high weather resistance polyester (HDP), poly Vinylidene fluoride (PVDF) and other coatings) for new functional color coated aluminum sheet. The production line consists of uncoiler, stitching machine (welder), stocker, degreasing cleaning unit, roller coating machine, curing furnace, shear It is composed of cutting machine, winding machine and other equipment.

coating aluminum sheet factory

Features of coating aluminum sheet factory Haomei Aluminum production line equipment are:

1, Advanced continuous roller coating technology, two coating and two drying on the front and back, mature and reliable technology.

2, The pre-treatment adopts continuous alkaline circulation spraying, brushing, multi-stage circulating water spraying and fresh water spraying to enhance the cleaning effect, clean the surface of the strip steel, and ensure the adhesion of the coating paint.

3, Adopt advanced environmentally friendly synthetic treatment liquid, equipped with high-precision chemical coating machine, uniform film forming coating, high chemical forming agent utilization rate, no pollution, good film adhesion and other outstanding characteristics.

4, The coating roller coater is equipped with a pressure sensor to accurately display the pressure of the coating roller, which can accurately control the uniformity of the coating. Through the vector motor frequency conversion speed control, the forward or reverse coating operation can be performed, and the coating thickness can be accurately controlled to 1 Within micrometers to meet the production needs of various color coated aluminum sheet products.

5, The coating curing and drying oven adopts a multi-layer labyrinth plate structure with good thermal insulation effect, is equipped with VOC incineration and a complete and sophisticated waste heat recovery and utilization device, which meets the national environmental protection emission standard, saves energy, reduces consumption and increases efficiency.

6, The control system adopts vector motor frequency conversion speed regulation, field bus and optical fiber communication, real-time parameter monitoring technology and other computer control systems, and the equipment runs safely and stably.

7, The coating aluminum sheet factory introduce intelligent production and energy management systems, and configure multiple fine-tuning energy-saving and consumption-reducing production control technology equipment.


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