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Service life of coil coated aluminium

The service life of coil coated aluminium has always been a concern for all of us, because since we choose the color coated aluminum coil with high price. If the service life is almost the same as that of color steel plate, then it is meaningless, especially for the roof of factories and buildings, we will pay more attention to the weather resistance and service life of color coated aluminum coil. Today we will talk about the service life of color coated aluminum coil.

coil coated aluminium

Fluorocarbon color coated aluminum coil: This is a tenacious color coated aluminum coil product, with a long service life, generally reaching 20-30 years. At present, the common gymnasium, train station waiting room, theater and other large-scale steel structures adopt color coated aluminum coil as the roof material, fluorocarbon paint can better ensure the service life, so the fluorocarbon color coated aluminum coil is the preferred product when it comes to the service life.

Polyester color coated aluminum coil: for the enterprise workshop, wall and other aspects that do not need to be used for many years, the service life of polyester color coated aluminum coil is 10-15 years, and it is basically suitable for the workshop to be renovated, so for the buildings with not too long service life, polyester color coated aluminum coil can be selected, so the cost of raw materials is relatively low.

Color coated aluminum coil has the advantages of long service life, light weight and high strength, which is especially suitable for the use of the roof and wall industry. The service life of coil coated aluminium is very long, unlike the problem of water leakage that occurs for several years.


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