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Cold Rolled Coil Qualified

Haomei Aluminum is specialized in manufacture cold rolled coil aluminum with thickness: 0.15-10mm, width: 100-1700. Cold rolling is processed by a casting and rolling machine into a cast rolled coil (8mm thickness) and processed by a cold rolling machine. Cold rolled aluminum coil is mainly in 1000 series and 3000 series aluminum grade.

cold rolled coil

In the early stage, when rolling 0.3mm thickness, 1100-1300mm width rolled aluminum products, the number of production passes of the rolling mill is 6 passes, the number of rolling passes is large, the production cost is high. In addition, during rolling, it is easy to produce the phenomenon of looseness on the surface of the plate, dislocation of the end surface, etc., and quality defects such as scratches and scratches are easy to appear on the surface of the aluminum coil. In order to solve these production process problems, the management and technical personnel of the cold rolling plant set up a key research team, and successfully transformed the cold rolled aluminum coil product through measures such as re-analysis and determination of equipment load, improvement of oil film strength and rolling oleic acid value, and improvement of rolling speed.

Through this process optimization, the direct production cost of cold rolled coil products has been greatly reduced, and the phenomenon of looseness in the plate surface and the problem of layering on the end surface that is easy to occur during the rolling process have been successfully solved. According to the monthly production volume of such cold rolled aluminum coil products and the current product structure, it is expected to save production costs throughout the year, and this process is also applicable to other similar products, broadening the idea and laying a solid foundation for the reduction of the number of passes in the subsequent rolling mills.



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