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Cold Rolling Aluminum Coils

The cold rolling aluminum coils produce by Haomei Aluminum have low cost and prime quality. The production process of aluminum coils are: aluminum ingots are put into smelting furnace, burned and melted with natural gas, slag removal, alloy configuration, guide furnace to holding furnace, aluminum water discharge, die casting nozzle, rolling casting coil, cold rolling, annealing, cross-cutting to the required size, inspection, protective film, air-cushion film, packaging, loading and delivery. The cold rolled aluminum coil is applied to aluminum metal roofs, aluminum corrugated boards, interior aluminum panels, exterior aluminum panels, rolling doors, downspouts, decorative strips, exterior aluminum packaging for pipes, traffic signs, aluminum curtain walls, aluminum cookware, solar panels, etc.

cold rolling aluminum coils

The aluminum ingot is melted and alloyed, electromagnetically stirred, guided to the holding furnace, and passed through the corresponding width of the die head, and is made into a 6.8-thick cast-rolled aluminum coil through the casting and rolling mill. After air cooling, it enters the cold rolling mill and rolls to the corresponding thickness. , Since the cold-rolled aluminum coil has a certain rigidity, it is annealed to reach the corresponding state, and then stretched and bent to straighten the shape, and then packaged into a finished aluminum coil after inspection. Cold rolling aluminum coils are processed from hot rolled aluminum sheet at room temperature. It is cold-rolled from hot-rolling through continuous cold deformation. The mechanical properties are relatively poor and the hardness is too high. Therefore, cold rolled aluminum coil is mostly used in molds. When dealing with sheets that cannot be thermally strengthened, the surface requirements are generally relatively high, and ultra-thin materials such as single-zero foil and double-zero foil can only be rolled by cold rolling.

The process of cold rolling aluminum coils is simple, and the price is cheaper than that of hot rolling aluminum coils. In order to improve the structural properties of the aluminum coil and meet the user's requirements for the performance of the aluminum coil product, the aluminum coil needs to undergo a finished annealing process during production. The cold rolled aluminum coil is widely used in electronics, packaging, construction, machinery, etc.


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