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CTCP Printing Plates

The ctcp printing plates inherits the advantages of the CTP plates - no need to output film, and it can also realize computer-to-plate making. In this way, film materials and processing materials can be saved, and manual imposition time can be saved. Many users who use CTCP plate have working experience in film printing. After the film is not required, the printing quality of the printed matter is significantly improved, because the image and dots are not affected by the quality attenuation in the traditional prepress process. The quality of the printing plate after printing is better, because the influence factors such as dust and scratches on the film no longer exist, and the positioning is more accurate. In short, the dots obtained by CTCP plate-making technology are the first generation dots that are directly transferred to the printing plate, with clean and sharp edges, faithful to the original.

CTCP printing plates

CTCP printing plates is fast and stable integration into the traditional plate making process. Since the CTCP system still uses the common PS plate that the printing factory is familiar with, the producer can continue to use various chemical solutions, developing equipment and punching devices in the original plate-making process without any doubt, so as to realize the plate-making system and the punching device well Compatible with printing presses. Printing companies do not need to worry about various problems caused by changes in printing suitability, nor do they need to spend a lot of time and energy to complete the matching of plates and printing machines. CTCP plate technology not only simplifies the original lengthy process flow, but also retains the traditional operating habits and printing suitability to the greatest extent, and provides the best way to complete the production tasks stably and efficiently.

In the contact with other prepress systems, CTCP printing plates also has its own uniqueness. All UV-Setter series CTCP plate setters are equipped with an open 1-BitTiff interface. No matter what equipment and workflow, as long as the output file is in 1-BitTiff format, it can be perfectly integrated with CTCP plate setter. For printing companies, this means that operators can quickly and easily realize the digital plate making process without additional investment. In addition, the simple equipment and open workflow have more advantages for future maintenance and upgrades.


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