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CTP Offset Printing Plates

The ctp offset printing plates offered by Haomei Aluminum is well know as high printing quality, low purchase cost and favored by printing company. The key equipment required in CTP technology, the printing plate imagesetter is actually a computer-controlled laser exposure equipment, which is very similar in structure to the film imagesetter. According to the different light sources, it can be divided into: argon ion laser (blue laser ), YAG laser (green laser), semiconductor laser (infrared laser).

The power of the light source is generally from tens of microwatts to hundreds of microwatts per square centimeter, and due to the high speed of laser exposure, the exposure time of each light spot It is very short (only 10-4S), so it is required that the offset printing plate must have high sensitivity in the light-emitting area of the corresponding light source. Generally, the minimum exposure should be below a few microjoules per square centimeter. However, the minimum exposure of the most commonly used PS plates for offset printing is generally more than tens of millijoules per square centimeter, and its photosensitive range is below the blue light area (below 450nm), so it cannot be used as a direct-to-plate material and ultra-high sensitivity offset printing plates needs to be developed, that is ctp offset printing plates.

Double layer composite plate: coat another layer of silver salt photosensitive layer on the surface of the original PS plate, first expose and develop it, and then expose the underlying resin photosensitive layer, and then develop the printing plate. This method performs a double exposure and does not show the advantages of laser direct plate making. While CTP plates can reach this effort.

The real ctp offset printing plates has the following characteristics: high resolution, low power exposure, high sensitivity, strong dot reducibility, and good printing performance. Among the current photosensitive materials, high resolution and low power are no longer a problem, but the thermal plate imaging technology has more application prospects and has the characteristics of binary: when the temperature does not reach the threshold, the photosensitive layer will not produce any Once the temperature is above the threshold temperature, the photosensitive layer is instantly ablated, the contrast effect is good, and the contrast of the dot edge is strong, which is an ideal digital plate for offset printing.



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