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Professional ctp plate maker

Haomei is a professional ctp plate maker in China, we supply ctp plate substrate 1050, 1060 and 1070 H18, with thickness of 0.14 - 0.3 mm. Aluminum plate used as a printing plate in the lithographic printing process, the uniform rough surface after the graining treatment enhances the adhesion of the photosensitive coating, prevents the formation of foam in the non-image areas on the printing plate during printing, and this improves the printing quality of the image area on the printing plate.

ctp plate maker

There are manual, semi-automatic, full-automatic, and automatic positioning punching devices for the CTP version, which requires a certain stiffness of the ctp plate. If the ctp substrate is too soft, the stiffness is poor, and it is easy to bend and deform to affect the printing application. The aluminum substrate is too hard to be leveled. Therefore, the aluminum base for CTP plates must have good mechanical properties. The 1050, 1060, 1070 H18 aluminum sheet coil is considered to be the most suitable for the production of CTP plates, and its mechanical test results are obviously 20-40MPa higher. In addition, the baking resistance of the aluminum plate base also needs to be referenced, because of the demand for the amount of printing, customers often use the plate after baking. There are two kinds of baking conditions, namely, baking at 280oC for 4 minutes or baking at 220oC for 10 minutes.

The CTP version has high requirements for the width, length, and squareness of the aluminum substrate plate, because this directly affects the customer's use. If the size deviation is too large, on the one hand, it may cause the plate making machine to be unacceptable and rejected; on the other hand, affects the color registration and blurs the print pattern. In addition, from the perspective of cost, ctp plate maker does not install on-line trimming devices, so the width tolerance of aluminum sheet coil substrate is required to be ≤ ± 0.5mm, preferably no tolerance to avoid quality issues with online trimming.


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