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Haomei Aluminum is a reliable ctp plate manufacturers in China who have rich experience in thermal CTP plates producing. Computer-To-Plate (CTP for short) is an efficient and environmentally friendly digital pre-press plate-making technology. The process of scanning and printing imaging, and then developing or processing-free into a printing plate through a plate processor. The computer-to-plate process eliminates the intermediate product - film, and realizes the direct connection from the computer to the printing, which not only saves a lot of materials and exposure processing equipment necessary for the PS plate, but also reduces the number of image transfers and improves the image recovery rate.

ctp plate manufacturers

As ctp plate manufacturers, the CTP plates offered by Haomei Aluminum is from the newly developed double-layer coating technology, CTP plate brings customers extraordinary plate-making quality and super-strong printing force without baking. Even under extremely cocoa printing conditions, such as UV inks and alcohol-free fountain solutions, this CTP plate offers high-definition resolution and accurate tone reproduction. The adoption of advanced technology also significantly improves the printing plate's processing latitude to achieve excellent stability and FM frequency modulation imaging capabilities. CTP plates can be widely used in various commercial, newspaper and packaging printing, and is a good choice for users who need high-end thermal CTP plates.

The produce strength of ctp plate manufacturers are reflected in:

1, The newly developed multi-layer grit technology and double-layer coating technology

2, Excellent tone and dot reproduction

3, Resistant to print shop chemicals and scratches

4, No need to bake UV ink compatibility

5, Achieving ink balance quickly

6, Stable product quality ensures consistent replication effect


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