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CTP Plates for offset printing

CTP plates for offset printing can be divided into four types according to the principle of plate imaging, namely, photographic CTP plate, thermal CTP plate, violet laser CTP plate and other CTP plate. Among them, the light-sensitive system CTP plates including silver salt diffusion type plate, photopolymer type plate and silver salt / PS plate composite type plate. Heat-sensitive system CTP plates is mainly thermal type plate, including thermal cross-linking type plate, thermal ablation CTP plate and thermal transfer CTP plate.

CTP plates for offset printing

1, Silver salt diffusion type CTP plate.

Silver salt diffusion type plate mainly includes roughened treatment of aluminum plate, silver salt emulsion layer, physical development layer. The use of diffusion transfer imaging technology, sensitivity to adapt to a variety of laser, such as argon ion (Ar +) blue laser, green laser and near-infrared semiconductor laser and other light sources. This plate is similar to silver halide film, good sensitivity, fast exposure speed, moderate contrast, light source is low intensity, low energy consumption of the laser, different manufacturers of CTP plates are compatible with the formulation of chemical solutions. Disadvantages are not bright room operation, storage easy to run light, resulting in uneven images.

2, Light polymerization CTP plates for offset printing.

Light polymerization CTP plate printing suitability and the traditional PS plate is closer. The basic composition of the roughened aluminum plate, polymer compound layer, PVA layer (PVA can not only prevent the oxygen into the polymer layer and photosensitive groups react, but also play a catalytic role in the exposure). The polymer compound layer includes: photoreceptor, polymerization monomer, polymerization initiator, adhesive. This CTP plate printing suitability, processing relatively clean, baking plate, the printing resistance is more considerable, the plate can withstand scratching and brushing.

3, Thermal CTP plates for offset printing.

Thermal CTP plates are mainly thermal fusion type, thermal etching type, photo-etching type, thermal cross-linking type, degradation type and several other thermal printing plates, both direct imaging type, there are also indirect imaging type.


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