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CTP Printing Plate

The ctp printing plate in the printing industry refers to the printing plate-making technology that transfers the numbers, pictures or pages edited in the electronic prepress processing system or color desktop system directly to the printing machine without subsequent processing procedures.

ctp printing plate

CTP is a comprehensive and multidisciplinary product. Its structure is mainly composed of mechanical system, optical system and circuit system. From different understanding angles, it can be divided into on-machine direct plate-making technology and off-line direct plate-making technology.

CTP technology shortens the preparation time in the early stage of printing, fully improves the printing efficiency, strengthens the control of each printing outlet, realizes high-quality printing, reduces the link of plate making, saves time and effort, and speeds up the delivery cycle.

Features of thermal ctp printing plate in the printing industry:

(1), Thermal CTP plates have low sensitivity to natural light and are exposed by infrared lasers, which can be operated under bright room conditions.

(2), Thermal plates must reach the initial thermal energy threshold to generate images, and thermal energy higher than the initial threshold will not change the dot shape, the quality is easy to control, the publication quality is stable, and the printing plate after exposure can be extended to 6 months After developing, it will not affect the quality of the plate.

(3), The dot reproducibility of the heat-sensitive ctp printing plate is good, the resolution is high and the edge of the dot is sharp and clear, it is easy to achieve the balance of water and ink during printing, and it has good printing suitability, and the printing durability of the baked plate can reach 100 More than 10,000 prints.


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