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decorative aluminum foil

Decorative aluminum foil has developed rapidly, the market has huge potential. haomei decoration foil to produce tens of thousands of tons, except in the best-selling domestic products, but also exported to southeast Asia. The decorative aluminum foil with the excellent performance of electromagnetic shielding materials and building decoration materials, has been replaced with glass curtain wall of light pollution and security issues, more and more get the favour of architectural decoration industry.Current construction, household appliances industry in China has formed the application of decorative foil, decorative foil demand will have increased significantly. In addition, decorative foil packaging gift boxes are also very popular in foreign countries, and therefore decorative foil market from the prospects for development, both consumption and products has a huge space for development. Mintai decorative foil on the basis of quality assurance has a high capacity, high temperature resistance, stable quality products, the most rapid and most effective method of controlling profile, won the best to reduce the effect of wave, produced in conformity with the standards, to meet user requirements of high quality decorative aluminum foil.

Commonly used thickness in 0.017-0.017 mm, width over 1000 mm. Decorative foil materials to the surface and the version is critical, to make full use of the aluminum foil coloring, high reflectivity of field and heat insulation, moisture-proof, earthquake, fire, and easy to clean. Decorative foil coated on the surface of the decorative coating, USES the many kinds of chemical materials composite decoration materials. Mainly used for curtain wall plate, indoor decoration, advertising signs, building wall ceiling wall and other projects, belongs to a kind of new building decoration materials.


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