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Diamond tread aluminum plate sheet

Diamond tread aluminum plate sheet is a kind of anti-skid aluminium plate, which are applied to the floor of trucks, elevators and construction. There are many kinds of materials for the truck compartment. However, there is a trend recently that more and more aluminum tread plate are used to make the trucks. What is the charm of the diamond aluminum plates?

diamond tread aluminum

1. Light weight, good for energy saving
Compared with the traditional steel plate, the diamond aluminum tread plate has the advantages of light density and light material. The same specification material uses diamond aluminum plate is much lighter than the steel plate, so the benefits will be many, the weight reduction of the tank can greatly reduce the fuel consumption, for the driver. This means that more goods can be pulled and the natural income will increase accordingly.
2. Corrosion resistant and long service life
The diamond aluminum plate has strong corrosion resistance due to the addition of different alloying elements. Compared with the traditional steel plate, the service life can be increased by about ten times. Under normal use, the steel car will be scrapped because of corrosion problems used after used for 3-5 years. And diamond tread aluminum sheets can be used for decades, which is a clear advantage.
3. Environmental protection, high recycling value
Even the best products will have a limit value, the same is true for checkered aluminum sheets, but compared with traditional steel sheets, the recycling value of aluminum sheets is much higher than other materials, and the recycling rate can reach 80%, so aluminum diamond plate is highly environmentally friendly, which is in line with the resource sustainable development strategy that the country has always advocated.
4.Anti-slip effect, good practicality
The diamond tread aluminum plate is different from other materials in that it has a raised diamond pattern, which is both beautiful and has a good anti-slip effect. This is very conducive to the transportation of goods and avoids collision between goods due to poor road conditions.


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