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Electronic aluminum foil suppliers China Haomei

Electronic aluminum foil suppliers China Haomei provide high quality aluminum foil 1060 1235 1145 for electrolytic capacitors enterprises. In recent years, due to the rapid growth of the electronic information industry and the steady growth of traditional industries such as home appliances, the demand for aluminum electrolytic capacitors is growing, and the output of aluminum electrolytic capacitors has grown at a high speed, prompting the rapid development of electronic aluminum foil processing industry and electrode foil processing industry.

electronic aluminum foil suppliers

With the rapid development of the electronics industry, the use of aluminum electrolytic vessels is more extensive, and the requirements for miniaturization, long life, and high reliability are becoming more and more urgent, and the electronic aluminum foil processing technology has become one of the three core technologies for the manufacture of aluminum electrolytic capacitors. In recent years, in order to continuously improve the product characteristics of aluminum electrolytic capacitors, electronic aluminum foil suppliers has many related technological improvements in aluminum foil processing.

The use of high-purity, high-performance aluminum foil material greatly improves the corrosion performance of the material, and the leakage current of the formed dielectric oxide film is greatly reduced, the development of advanced corrosion and formation processes further increases the specific capacity of the anode and cathode aluminum foils, and the leakage current of the anode aluminum foil is further reduced. In order to reduce the size and flatten the capacitor, in recent years, progress has been made in processing technology for high specific volume and high strength of electronic aluminum foil. The specific volume of corrosion-enhanced aluminum foil is the key to restricting the volume of large-capacity aluminum electrolytic capacitors. High specific volume and high strength are the technical trends of electronic aluminum foil suppliers for the future development of capacitors into aluminum foil.


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