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Embossed Aluminum Sheet For Refrigerator Inner Panel

The embossed aluminum sheet for refrigerator inner panel wraps the refrigeration tube without any solder joints, and the refrigerant will never leak out, which is safe and healthy. The refrigerator freezer drawer is in full contact with the embossed aluminum sheet evaporator, which has a large cooling area and uniform cooling. Due to the uniform force, the embossed aluminum sheet evaporator has a load-bearing capacity of up to 30 kg.

embossed aluminum sheet for refrigerator inner panel

The main reason for the use of embossed aluminum sheet for refrigerator inner panel in refrigerators evaporator is that aluminum is lighter in weight, easier to process, has a wider range of material sources, has more stable chemical properties, and is not as easy to rust as iron products. The most important thing is that aluminum has good thermal conductivity, second only to precious metals such as silver and copper, and its price and use cost are lower.

The use of embossed aluminum sheet as the evaporator is a major advantage of refrigerators among similar products, which not only avoids the use of iron tube evaporators like other refrigerators, but after painting the surface, due to the high humidity in the refrigerator, it will take a long time. , the paint on the surface falls off, and the wire tube is easy to rust. Especially for refrigeration, the effect of aluminum sheet is much better than that of iron wire used by some brands, because there is no solder joint, and it is not easy to appear loopholes.

However, when it is used as an embossed aluminum sheet for refrigerator inner panel on the evaporator of a refrigerator, there are compressors, ice machines, cabinets or boxes for freezing, and storage boxes with refrigeration devices in the box to isolate, and will not direct contact with food or items stored in the refrigerator. Generally speaking, a layer of aluminum oxide film will be formed on the surface of aluminum, which blocks further oxidation and is not easy to rust.


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