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Gutter Coils Color Coated Aluminum

The gutter coils color coated aluminum are completed in a large spraying line by pre-washing, two drying, two spraying and two-sided drying. The gutter made by color coated aluminum coil can be personalized color customization and natural coordination with the color of the building show the builder's intentional manufacturing. The color coated aluminum gutter integrated production of elbows at any angle, S-bends, and waist-line bends achieves better installation durability. Color coated aluminum coils are used to make aluminum alloy gutters and aluminum alloy downpipes. 3105 H24 and 3003 H24 aluminum alloys are used for making aluminum gutter coil. Both sides of the aluminum coil are coated with polyester (PET) paint. The film thickness of the front is 25-28 um, and the film thickness of the back is 25-28 um. 15-18 um, the color is durable.

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The protection performance and decoration effect provided by the electrostatic powder coating process of gutter coils, flexible personalized production customization service, better quality, higher cost performance, and no worry about water leakage and deformation. The aluminum gutters have good impact resistance and good drainage effect, can increase the load-bearing capacity of the drainage ditch. The color of gutter and the facade, the roof are perfectly matched, and the weather resistance is good. Aluminum gutter is the product of modern villas and multi-storey buildings. The good mechanical properties ensure that the color coated aluminum gutter coil is easy to bend, weld, and form by rail during the processing process, making it an ideal raw material for domestic and foreign aluminum alloy gutters (sinks) and downpipe manufacturers.

The surface quality of the gutter coils decorative surface: no bubbles, scratches, missing coating, color difference, imprints and other defects are allowed, slight defects that are not obvious by visual inspection at a distance of 1.5m from the surface under natural light conditions are allowed.


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