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Hot Rolling Aluminum Coils

Hot rolling aluminum coils materials processing: aluminum ingots-smelted and cast into flat ingots-milled-homogenized annealing-hot rolled into sheet, coil and strips. The hot rolled aluminum coil has good surface quality, strong mechanical properties and ductility, and good oxidation effect. The elongation of the hot rolled aluminum coil product is high, and the surface of the product is brighter. Hot rolled aluminum coil is suitable for stamping and drawing, it is suitable for mirror finishing and color coating, and the price is relatively high.

hot rolling aluminum coils

The performance of the hot rolling aluminum coils in stretching, oxidation and other aspects is better than that of the aluminum coil produced by other processes like hot rolled. Moreover, the equipment cost and production cost of the hot-rolled aluminum are relatively high. The process maturity and equipment control level of hot rolling are far higher than those of cast-rolled products, and hot-rolling is rolled within the recrystallization temperature range of aluminum alloys, and there is no restriction on alloy composition, which means that the hot rolled aluminum coil products can cover all aluminum alloy series, such as 3000 series, 5000 series, 2000 series, 7000 series, etc.

The hot rolling aluminum coils is processed by the hot rolling mill multiple times has a more uniform internal structure due to the greater pressure during the processing process, and the grain size is also better than that of the cast-rolled aluminum coil. The hot-rolled aluminum coil is rolled with a rolling mill above the temperature of heat preservation and heating, while the cold-rolled aluminum coil is rolled under the temperature of heat preservation and heating. Therefore, hot-rolled aluminum coils are better than cold-rolled aluminum coils, which have the advantages of higher corrosion resistance, good plasticity and fatigue resistance.


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