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Is aluminum foil recyclable

As a favorite packing material, there are many features and advantages about the aluminum foil. We all know it is widely used in daily life and industry production, the demands of it is increasing year by year in the world,here comes the problem, is aluminum foil recyclable? Is it a green material? Does it make pollution to the environment? Does it have other features? The answers are as follows.


Firstly, the aluminum foil is recyclable,and aluminum foil recyclable rate is highest in all metals. There are a lot of aluminum foil packing products can be recycle use. With the rapid development of aluminum industry, aluminum foil recycling has become a part of industry what must pay attention to. At present, the recycling of aluminum can meet 35% of the global aluminum demand, and the proportion is rising. The development technology of aluminum recycle can make contribution to environment protection. The aluminum foil also have other characteristics, light weight, metallic luster, good photopathy , good heat and light reflection ability, shine and reflection ability can improve the brightness of color printing. Another feature is good isolation, strong protective ability, tight gas and moisture, can prevent the built-in moisture absorption, gasification, prevent from bacteria and insects easily. It can shape by other equipment easily with good stability and it won’t be affected by humidity change. The aluminum foil can not be forced because it is soft, it has no seal ability, it may wrinkling while using, so it doesn't used alone, usually with paper, plastic film processed into composite materials, the composite materials can overcome the shortcoming of no sealing, the advantages of isolation can be fully used. If you are interest in aluminum product such as aluminum sheet and plate, aluminum foil, aluminum circle and so on, welcome to Haomei industrial. Hare we have various types and model technical product can cover all your demands.


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