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Mirror finish anodized aluminum sheet for indoor partitions

Mirror finish anodized aluminum sheet has strong, impact resistance, waterproof, moisture resistance and other features. Due to its impact resistance and water absorption and other characteristics of excellent performance, so the most common can be used in hardware systems supporting, it can form a different series of bathroom decorative panels, toilet cubicle, lockers and wall systems. The mirror finish aluminum sheet also allows the entire partition surface to exhibit an imaginary effect, making it ideal for use in a smaller sized toilet partition, which can immediately extend the sense of space in the toilet. Thus, the mirror finished aluminum sheet is the preferred material for indoor partitions.

mirror finish anodized aluminum sheet

The mirror finish anodized aluminum sheet with extremely high reflectivity improves the flatness of the entire wall or partition, highlighting the beauty and high grade of interior decoration. Mirrored aluminum wall systems are highly compatible and provide indoor partition solutions that are versatile, reliable and give unique advantages. The semi-enclosed wall scheme, combined with the flexible design of the wall system, can play a semi-blocking role (such as hospital wards, bank chat rooms, etc.), and also facilitate the hanging of telephone booths, information display screens, bulletin boards and other facilities on the wall. Aluminum mirror sheet has been selected by professional designers in different fields of different industries. Mirror aluminium sheet will be one of the most widely used materials for toilet partitions and decorative panels in the future.


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