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Negative PS Plate

The negative PS plate is a kind of lithographic printing plate made from the photo-insoluble pre-coated photosensitive plate as the printing material through the negative image separation film. It has the characteristics of fast plate-making speed, clean layout, high printing endurance, and saving plate-making materials. It is especially suitable for books, newspapers and periodicals. The PS plate is a non-silver photosensitive material coated with a diazo photosensitive resin with a thin aluminum plate as a support. The negative PS plate is divided into two types: the inner version and the outer version. The inner version has only one pre-coated version, and the external version can be divided into two types: instant coating and pre-coating. Besides of negative ps plate, Haomei Aluminum also produce positive PS Plate with high quality.

negative ps plate

The difference between the outer type plate and the inner type plate is that the photosensitive layer of the inner type negative PS plate only contains photosensitive salt or low-molecular photosensitive resin photosensitive imaging material, and there is no high-molecular ink-compatible film-forming material. Therefore, use this After the plate material is exposed and developed to form the inked part, a layer of emulsion wax formulated with a polymer ink-compatible film-forming material must be applied to the inked part to enhance the ink affinity and printing resistance of the inked part Power, and the exterior version does not need to be rubbed.

The lipophilic part of negative ps plate is a diazo photosensitive resin with a high publishing base plane of about 3μm. It is a good lipophilic and hydrophobic film. The ink is easy to spread on it, but it is difficult for water to spread on it. The diazo photosensitive film in the image and text part is hardened by light and remains on the plate. The diazo photosensitive film in the non-image and text part is not exposed to light, does not harden, and is dissolved and removed by the developer.


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