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Newspaper printing plates

There is an advanced new type of plate specially developed for newspaper printing plates - thermal CTP plate. The CTP plate is a new product of the newspaper printing plate series, which is specially developed for all mainstream CTP plate making machines equipped with 830nm laser on the market. "The highest printing durability can reach 300,000 prints, and the resolution is 100lpi (1%-99%). The excellent printing adaptability and dot reduction provide users with high-level products.

newspaper printing plates

The newspaper printing plates CTP thermal has a unique double-layer coating technology, which is comparable to other CTP plates in terms of printing resistance. In addition, it also has the characteristics of super scratch resistance and easy operation. The unique surface structure of the positive CTP plate better ensures the balance of ink and water during the printing process, and easily achieves the highest level of printing, bringing surprises to newspaper printing publishers. It brings stable and high-quality imaging performance to users, and it is very simple to use. Since this newspaper printing plate can be developed on a printing press, it can shorten the plate-making cycle and improve production efficiency.

The outstanding advantages of newspaper printing plates are:

﹡Reduce the instability caused by developing, and realize accurate and stable printing making;

﹡Reduce film and related processes, and significantly save production time;

﹡The printing image is stable, and the standard color density can be reached faster;

﹡Combined with square spot imaging technology to realize high-quality commercial coated paper interleaf printing.


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