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Non Slip Floor Plating

The non slip floor plating is an aluminum tread plate with concave and convex on the surface of the flooring plate, which is used in places where smoothness and ornamental quality are required. The metal embossing equipment is rolled with a patterned work roll when rolling the pattern, and the depth of the concave and convex on the non slip floor plate varies according to the pattern. It can be embossed in the whole aluminum roll (you need to do stretched process after the whole roll is embossed), or it can be opened to a certain length. Non slip sheets of indeterminate lengths have convenient multi-process effects treatment conditions, usually surface frosting/drawing/snow sand/sandblasting/ anodizing/mirror polishing before embossing. The industry believes that non slip flooring plate are durable, wear-resistant, and have strong decorative effects.

non slip floor plating

The non slip floor plating is visually beautiful, good quality, easy to clean, maintenance-free, anti-impact, anti-pressure, anti-scratch. The non slip aluminum plate have 1060 and 3003 aluminum alloy, it is suitable for outdoor use in sewage treatment, tap water, power plants and other industrial industries. Non slip floor plates are also used for mechanical anti-skid and interior decoration anti-skid, docks, fishing platforms, workshops, car bottoms, cement floors, hotel entrances, etc.

The detailed application of non slip floor plating are:

1, Ordinary aluminum non slip plates are widely used in shipbuilding, boilers, automobiles, tractors, railway cars and construction industries.

2. Non slip aluminum plates with ridges on the surface are used as floors, workshop escalators, work frame pedals, ship decks, and automobile bottom plates.

3, The non slip flooring plate with diamond or lentil-shaped pattern on the surface is used for workshops, large equipment or pedals of ship walkways and stairs, etc.



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