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Patterned Stair Treads

Patterned stair treads aluminum are suitable for a wide range of applications. When it is bigger, it can make ships and cars, and when it is small, it can make stair treads. No matter what raw material it is used for, it can only show that its quality is very good, so everyone will choose him. So about the size of the commonly used patterned stair treads aluminum plate, we need to understand it today, and we also need to know the thickness and function of the patterned aluminum plate.

The stair tread is made of aluminum tread plate with patterns on the surface. The steps of the stairs are generally 2.5mm-3.0mm. Bending height hit 30-40 mm - for strengthening. The aluminum tread plate for stair treads are normally 6 meters per piece, and the price depends on your specifications. The standard size is: 450mm is fixed, namely: the height + width of the stairs. For example, if your stair length is 1 meter, you only need to tell the manufacturer when you buy stair treads: buy a 1 meter stair tread, and you need a few pieces.

Product advantages: The overall patterned stair treads have excellent anti-slip and sound-absorbing effects, and have a variety of specifications and colors. Environmentally friendly, non-slip, silent and wear-resistant, beautiful, comfortable, long service life, simple construction process and other significant advantages. It is an ideal choice for hotels, restaurants, schools, hospitals, kindergartens, airports, bathing centers, offices, elderly apartments and families.


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