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Pebbled Aluminum Sheet

Pebbled aluminum sheet is also known as pebble embossed aluminum sheet, which has a wide range of uses and many advantages. Pebbled aluminium sheet is a series of stucco embossed aluminum sheet commonly used in automobile engine compartments and exhaust pipe shields. The hemispherical/pebble pattern aluminum sheet is a pattern commonly used by customers in the automotive industry. The processing technology of the pebble pattern aluminum sheet and aluminum coil: parent roll-opening-embossing-inspection-rewinding-packaging. The embossing machine of the pebble pattern aluminum sheet is made of forged high-strength aluminum alloy. Because of its high strength, the deformation is small when pressing the pattern, and the extruded pattern is full and uniform in thickness. The pebble embossed aluminum sheet is mainly used for automotive chassis heat dissipation, engine protective cover and exhaust pipe heat shield.

Besides, pebbled aluminum sheet is also used to cover walls and as embossed metal sheet for trailers, RVs, locker rooms, public restrooms, airports, hospitals and commercial kitchens. Embossed aluminum sheet are available in an easy-to-clean white-primed or silver (sand-brushed) finish. Either side can be used, and the pattern looks the same. The white painted side has slight but consistent blemishes and no PVC coating. Pebble embossed aluminum is also a great low maintenance siding. Embossed aluminum sheet offers many advantages over other types of trim options. Not only are they attractive and bring a unique look to your space, but they are also simple to install and maintain. Plus, they're easy to clean, making these panels ideal for beautifying and protecting your space—no matter what type of space you have.

Haomei Aluminum are pebbled aluminum sheet manufacturers offer a wide variety of embossed aluminum sheet for any type of project, with the ability to provide stucco aluminum sheet in almost any size and dimension that may be required.


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