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Plate For Offset Printing

The thermal CTP plate for offset printing with a double-layer structure with high photosensitive speed, high developing latitude, high solvent resistance and high printing durability. The offset print CTP plates can solve the problem of the negative image plate in the storage process. Thermal CTP plates are divided into positive and negative types according to different imaging mechanisms. Compared with the positive type plate, the negative plate has the advantages of high printing durability, high plate-making efficiency and large operating latitude. When the plate is exposed, the infrared absorber in the negative heat-sensitive plate absorbs the light energy of 800-830nm and converts it into heat, and the active substance is thermally decomposed to generate free radicals or protonic acid, which initiates polymerization or cross-linking reaction to cure the coating; Unexposed areas dissolve in an alkaline developer. However, the dark reaction caused by insufficient stability of active compounds, polymerizable or cross-linkable components is prone to incomplete development, which has a significant impact on the storage period of negative-type plates.

plate for offset printing

With the transformation of the printing market to the packaging printing business, environmentally friendly UV ink printing has gradually become popular, and the thermal CTP plate for offset printing is required to have good resistance to UV ink printing. A negative-type thermal CTP plate precursor with a double-layer structure, comprising a negative-type thermal printing version body, the negative-type thermal printing version body comprising a support body, and an alkali-soluble resin layer on the support body, A negative photosensitive layer is attached on the alkali-soluble resin layer, the alkali-soluble resin layer contains alkali-soluble resin, additive resin and colored dye, and the coating weight of the alkali-soluble resin layer is 0.5~1.5g/m2, the preferred value It is 0.5~1.0 g/m2.

Features of negative CTP plate for offset printing are:

1, Higher print durability

2, Consistently high quality

3, Outstanding performance in UV printing

4, Better scratch resistance

5, More efficient plate making


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