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Hot sell prepainted aluminium coil

Prepainted aluminium coil is also called as color coated aluminum coil, or color painted aluminum sheet, refers to the product after coating and coloring the surface of aluminum coil or aluminum sheet. The common color coated aluminum rolls are fluorocarbon color coated aluminum rolls (PVDF) and polyester color coated aluminum rolls (PE). The common seen alloy of pre painted aluminum coil is 3003, 3004, 3104 and 3105.

prepainted aluminium coil

Color coated aluminum coil has strong corrosion resistance, which is generally used in different places such as roof wave board, fire-proof panel, aluminum ceiling, shutter, rolling shutter, garage door, lighting, furniture, electronic appliances, etc. it is also widely used. Fluorocarbon color coated aluminum coil is a product coated on the surface of aluminum coil with high-quality fluorocarbon paint. Fluorocarbon paint has good weather resistance and long service life, so it is the preferred color coated aluminum coil for outdoor products.

Prepainted aluminium coil has strong weather resistance, stable color, high gloss retention, good color stability and little color difference. Polyester paint has the warranty for 10 years, fluorocarbon paint has the warranty for more than 20 years. The color coated aluminium coil product supplied by Haomei has advanced technology, high bending resistance, high-quality aluminum, plastic and adhesive, advanced composite technology, in the four seasons of climate, wind pressure, temperature, humidity and other factors change, will not cause bending, deformation, expansion and so on.


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