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Prepainted aluminum coil suppliers

Prepainted aluminum coil suppliers based in China is very famous on the world import and export market because of the low cost and high quality. Haomei is one of the top color painted aluminum coil manufacturers in China who can provide coated aluminum coil and sheet of alloy 3003, 3004, 3104 and 3105, the coating has PE and PVDF. For we have advanced production line, so the productivity and product quality can be ensured. Meanwhile we can produce according to the customers demand, the color, pattern and thickness can be customized.

prepainted aluminum coil suppliers

All the processing of prepainted aluminum coil has strict requirement. First of all, in the entrance section, the raw aluminum coil is sent to the production line for smoothing by the leveler. This step ensures that the product has excellent flatness. The aluminum coil enters the storage rack. There are two reels here, which are used to ensure that one of them is always in standby and maintain the continuity of the production line. Then, the storage rack is emptied and the production line continues to run, driving the subsequent procedures. During the pretreatment, the aluminum coil is repeatedly cleaned by water spraying, which can improve the corrosion resistance of the prepainted aluminum coil product and improve the adhesion of the coating. At this stage, the conversion film is chemically formed on the aluminum surface.

Later, it is the painting process. The painting process is mainly divided into two stages, called primer and topcoat. In the front stage, the aluminum coil passes through the roller coater, and its one or both sides are coated with primer. After drying, the aluminum coil passes through the second roller coater, at which time one or both sides of the aluminum coil are coated with lacquer. There are basically two coating methods. The typical coating system requires the product to have formability, scratch resistance, beautiful appearance, good weather resistance, and paintability. In order to obtain these different effect characteristics, prepainted aluminum coil suppliers offer coatings include: acrylic resin primer, polyester, polyurethane or fluorocarbon. During curing, the aluminum coil passes through a curing furnace and the temperature is set at a preset temperature to ensure that the volatiles on the aluminum coil are removed and the coating is completely cured.


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