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Prepainted aluminum coil 3003 3004 5182

Prepainted aluminum coil 3003 3004 5182 supplied by Haomei has thickness of 0.15-1.5mm, width of 59-80-1850mm, the coating are PE and PVDF. The painting thickness is more than 25 microns, the color standard E is lower than 2 or it is not obvious by eye seen. The coating adhesive is not lower than first grade impact, and there is not any crack. After boiling, ther is not any distortion and color change.

prepainted aluminum coil

The painting of color coated aluminum are PE and PVDF, our customers choose from them according to their own requirements.
Polyester is the main coating for color coated aluminum coils, which is relatively inexpensive and has better performance. Polyester coatings are mainly used indoors, which is why the aesthetic requirements are higher. Therefore, the unique artistic beauty of polyester coatings, good formability and resistance to scratching make it competent.
Typical nature:
◆ polyester primer, polyester topcoat
◆ Coating thickness: 8 - 40 microns (depending on color and use)
◆Good ductility
◆Multiple color choices, high gloss
◆ weather resistance, UV resistance is not high
2, Fluorocarbon (polyvinyl fluoride)
Fluorocarbon is a highly stable resin that is resistant to UV rays, so it is very stable even in long-term sunlight. It is resistant to UV rays and it has good anti-corrosion effects on many other chemicals. Its disadvantage is that the scratch resistance is not strong. Fluorocarbon is almost entirely used for outdoor walls and curtain walls. Fluorocarbon is much more expensive than polyester paint. In the early days of use, fluorocarbon and polyester prepainted aluminum coil may be no different, but over time, it can be found that fluorocarbon can withstand the test of time and remain fading for a long time. Therefore, it is mostly used outdoors, especially for the exterior walls of important buildings.


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