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Prepainted aluminum 3003 3004

Prepainted aluminum 3003 3004 with thickness of 0.18mm-1.5mm, width of 580mm-1850mm, the painting are PVDF and PE. The performance advantages of painted aluminum coil are no pollution, economic, less harmful, and can be recycled, greatly reducing environmental pollution.

prepainted aluminum

The quality of color coated aluminum coil can be directly reflected from the appearance, because no matter the material condition or process effect is reflected in the surface state, so the quality of painted aluminum coil with good appearance will be higher relatively. When you purchase prepainted aluminum, you can judge the quality and optimize the quality selection by observing the appearance. If the color coated aluminum coil manufacturer uses high-quality raw materials when manufacturing color coated aluminum, and the processes used are very professional, which can guarantee the materials and processes, then the surface of the painted coil must have uniform and bright color, without uneven or dim color.

As color coated aluminum, the surface will go through special, so there is a color coating, so as long as the quality of the prepainted aluminum is good enough, the color coating on the surface must look beautiful and uniform, otherwise the color coating effect is not good, which means that the surface treatment effect is not good enough, such color coated aluminum performance and quality will not be too high, and the quality is naturally not good enough.


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