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Presensitized positive offset aluminium plates

The CTF process plate is mainly a PS plate, which is presensitized positive offset aluminium plates, which was developed to meet the rapid development of lithographic printing. The PS plate has the characteristics of high resolution, full reproduction of dots, rich layers, easy control of ink and water balance and high print resistance. It is more popular in the printing industry.

presensitized positive offset aluminium plates

The PS plate is a photosensitive offset printing plate with a multilayer structure. It uses an aluminum plate as a support. The aluminum plate is processed through a variety of processes. The purpose of these processes is to give it photosensitivity and printability.
1) Rough surface particles: Rough surface particles are necessary for excellent PS plates. It can improve the adhesion with the printing film, shorten the vacuum time, and reduce the occurrence of halo.
2) Photosensitive layer: Compared with different plate-making processes and production processes of different ps plate manufacturers, the photo-sensitive layer will have a variety of different characteristics. Generally, the photo-sensitivity is performed according to the wavelength of the light source.
3) Hydrophilic layer: It can prevent the photosensitive coating from remaining in the pores of the anodized layer, improve the hydrophilic property of the plate, and prevent the positive offset aluminium plates from getting dirty during the printing process.
4) Anodized layer: After anodizing, the surface of the aluminum substrate is enhanced in hardness, chemical stability and wear resistance.
5) Grit structure: the electrolytic roughening process is used to form a fine grit structure on the surface of the aluminum plate substrate, which can make the printing plate have ideal dot reproduction conditions and good hydrophilicity; for example, the fine grit structure of the Haomei PS plate complicated to maximize the contact surface of the printing plate and fountain solution.
6) Aluminum plate support: Use aluminum plate suitable for presensitized positive offset aluminium plates process requirements, stable size, high strength and high purity.


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