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The processing knowledge of aluminum foil

Aluminum foil has the most widely application in our daily life, it has the thinnest thickness of aluminum alloy, so the processing method must be strict. With the development, there is double zero aluminum foil in the market, so the processing technology must be advanced. As we have export a lot of aluminum foil products to different countries for different use, we can summarize some knowledge to you.

aluminum foil

Aluminum foil is processed by aluminum foil billets through rolling mills. The most important method of aluminum foil manufacturing process is the rolling. Rolling is one of the most common machining methods in metal pressure processing. Rolling process is the interaction between the rolled material and the rolling, rolled pieces are pulled into the rotating roll, it is pressed and has plastic deformation. Aluminum foil billets are divided into hot-rolled billets (DC), cast billets (CC). Automatic thickness control system (AGC) is an automatic control system required by modern aluminum foil mills to keep the thickness and precision of aluminum foil products produced within a relatively high range. After aluminum foil is processed, there are another step-cutting. The aluminum foil is rolled to the appropriate dies according to users’ requirements, cutting into the users required width and length (diameter), according to user requirements, aluminum foil smooth or dark surface roll on the outer surface, the decapitation with ultrasonic welding and other methods to connect the firm or make obvious markings.


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