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ps plate for offset printing

As the printing industry develops in the direction of high-end, personalized, and high value-added, high-level and high-quality ps plate for offset printing are urgently needed. In the production process of ps plates, aluminum plate base is one of its important raw materials, and its quality directly affects the quality and of production ps plate.

ps plate for offset printing

The electrolytic sands required by the ps plate should be finer and more uniform. Two factors are important. First, the internal composition of the aluminum plate base is related to the type and content of trace metal elements contained in the ps plate of the aluminum alloy. At present, the aluminum plate-based alloys used in the domestic ps plate are 1110, 1050, 1060, and 1070, and the commonly used alloys is the 1050 alloy. The best 1052 aluminum plate base on the market is based on the 1050 alloy. The active elemental magnesium with a mass percentage of 0.15%~0.30% is added. The ratio of the adjusted special metal content is more reasonable, so that the aluminum plate base has good The physical and mechanical properties can obviously improve the electrolysis suitability, that is, the sensitivity of the electrolysis sand is obviously improved, and a fine and uniform sand layer can be formed without strengthening treatment.

The second is: the control of the process in the aluminum plate base processing. The added special metal elements are more evenly distributed in the aluminum body to make the electrolytic sand fine and uniform. In this case, a square ingot for hot rolling or a billet for cold rolling using an aluminum plate base for the PS plate is subjected to homogenization heat treatment. The quality tracking of the chemical composition of the aluminum plate is one of the important parameters to ensure the quality of the raw materials. A commonly used test method is ICP atomic emission spectroscopy.

The advantages of ps plate for offset printing are:
1. Easy-to-use
Able to work under white light; Wide latitude and excellent reliability.
2. High resolution
Special ingredients, together with the optimally distributed formula weight of binding polymers, in the coating of pa plate offer fine dots with sharp edges and reproduce images with rich tone.
3. Cost-effective
Fast exposure speed without pre-heating; Long run-length.
4. Excellent hydrophilicity
Multi-grains and hydrophilic treatment (PAT treatment) provides excellent water retaining capability at the non-image area, and thus keep ink-water balance optimally.


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