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How to prevent the oxidation of reflective aluminum mirror sheet

The reflective aluminum mirror sheet has a good performance in the application, but the wrong method of use not only affects the use effect, but also causes the product to be oxidized, and occurs corrosion phenomenon. How to avoid and prevent the oxidation of aluminum mirror sheet?

reflective aluminum mirror sheet

1. Strengthen the air drying management to ensure that there is no water in the air. Because the appearance of oxidation on the mirror aluminum sheet is often related to water, if the air is too humid, and be used for a long time, the chance of oxidation of the product will be much greater. Therefore, air drying management should be done well.
2. The humidity and temperature of the package should be well controlled. The humidity of the packaged aluminum mirror sheet should not exceed 18%, and the temperature should not be greater than 45 degrees Celsius. Once it exceeds this range, the chance of oxidation is much higher. So from this perspective, people need to pay attention to this aspect.
3. Pay attention to the sealing work. In some high humidity, high temperature environment, do not open the sealed package, otherwise this situation will lead to more serious oxidation of the reflective mirror aluminum sheet. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the sealing problem.


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