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Reflective Aluminum Sheet Metal

Reflective aluminum sheet metal is widely used, it has the advantage of high reflectivity for the mirror aluminum sheet processed by oxidation, polishing and other processes. There are rolled mirror aluminum, which are mainly used in interior architectural decoration, exterior wall decoration, household appliance panels, electronic product shells, furniture kitchens, automobile interior and exterior decoration, signs, signs, luggage, jewelry boxes and other fields.

reflective aluminum sheet metal

The main products of reflective aluminum sheet metal are 1000 series 1050 mirror aluminum sheet, 1060 alloy aluminum sheet, 1070 alloy aluminum sheet, 1100 alloy aluminum sheet; 30000 series 3003 aluminum sheet, 3004 aluminum sheet, 3005 aluminum sheet, 3104 alloy aluminum sheet, 3105 alloy aluminum sheet; 5052 aluminum sheet, the material temper is mainly O, H*2, H*4, H18, H19, and the thickness is 0.15-3.5mm. The reflective aluminum sheet produced by Haomei Aluminum has a reflectivity of up to 80%, and high end product can achieve 95%!

Reflective aluminum sheet metal has a wide range of applications, from aluminum sheet for curtain wall to automobile lamp shade, mirror aluminum sheet is used. Different uses have different requirements for reflective aluminum sheet materials. The mirror aluminum sheet mainly considers the reflectivity and the flatness of the surface of the plate. The surface of the mirror aluminum sheet is smooth. Even if there is dust, it can achieve the desired effect as long as it is simply cleaned with a rag. Most of the products are silver-white, which can highlight the characteristics of cleanliness and neatness. The mirror aluminum reflective sheet has a variety of colors and lighting effects. Well, it has strong reflective ability. It is often used in building materials and automobile decoration to highlight the shape and overall structure, increase beauty, publicize personality, light material, reduce more energy consumption, energy saving and environmental protection, such as automobile wheel more The ground adopts mirror aluminum sheet, which not only has a beautiful luster, but also is not easy to be oxidized and has a longer service life.


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