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Ribbed aluminium sheet different patterns

Haomei aluminum is a large-scale ribbed aluminium sheet manufacturer, which supplies and produces 1000-8000 series products. Here is an introduction to ribbed aluminum plate. Aluminum checker plate, referred to as aluminum tread plate, also known as aluminum chequer plate, is a deep processing product of aluminum plate after pressure processing, forming various patterns on the surface of aluminum plate. The common types of aluminum checkered plate are: 1100 / 1060 checkered aluminum plate, 3003 checkered aluminum plate, 5052 / 5754 checkered aluminum plate, 6061 checkered aluminum plate, etc.

ribbed aluminium sheet

Aluminum alloy checkered plate can be divided into two categories according to different purposes.

1、 Beauty category: orange skin pattern aluminum plate, diamond plate (the same name is one rib) pattern plate, two rib pattern plate, small three rib pattern plate, five rib aluminum tread plate, orange peel aluminum plate, etc. The beauty effect of this aluminum plate is better, among which orange skin pattern aluminum plate is mostly used for refrigerator and air conditioner refrigeration in daily life due to its better contact area.

2、 Antiskid type: the same principle as printing patterns on the sole. If a certain shape of patterns is pressed on the aluminum plate, the aluminum plate becomes an antiskid checkered aluminum plate. The commonly used patterns are five bars ribbed aluminium sheet, which become the pattern aluminum plate of willow leaf due to their keen eyes. The needle (a bar) patterned aluminum plate is named for the reason that its shape is similar to the pointer.


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