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Ribbed Sheet Metal

Aluminum ribbed sheet metal is a relatively common modern material for construction, building and decoration. Its uses are very wide in life, such as flooring, stairs, handles, wall protection panel, toolbox, trailer front panels etc., and ribbed aluminum sheet can be used in many places including home decoration and household appliances. There are many types of aluminum ribbed sheet that we can see in our daily life.

ribbed sheet metal

Here are some advantages of aluminum ribbed sheet metal.

1, The density of the ribbed aluminum plate is small

Aluminum and aluminum alloys have high strength. After a certain degree of cold working, the strength of the matrix can be strengthened. Some aluminum alloys can also be strengthened by heat treatment.

2, The ribbed aluminum sheet has good electrical and thermal conductivity

The electrical and thermal conductivity of the checkered aluminum plate is second only to silver, copper and gold. Thermal conductivity is very good.

3, The ribbed aluminium sheet has a uniform coating and a variety of colors

The ribbed aluminum sheet adopts advanced electrostatic spraying technology to make the paint and the aluminum checkered sheet adhere evenly and uniformly, with various colors and a large selection space.

4, The aluminum ribbed sheet metal is easy to process

After adding certain alloying elements, cast aluminum alloys with good casting properties can be processed into deformed aluminum alloys with good plasticity. The ribbed aluminum sheet has good craftsmanship. Using the process of first processing and then painting, the aluminum sheet can be processed into various complex geometric shapes such as plane, arc and spherical surface. The ribbed aluminum plate is formed in the factory and does not need to be cut, and can be directly processed for the second time.



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