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Smooth Slitted Aluminum Strip

Smooth slitted aluminum strip select the appropriate aluminum coil as the base material according to the material, thickness and width required by the order. It should be noted here that the appropriate width should be selected according to the final width of the aluminum strip to avoid waste. At the same time, in order to determine the appropriateness of the width, it is necessary to increase the edge line of 5 mm.

smooth slitted aluminum strip

The layout of the smooth slitted aluminum strip: According to the width of the aluminum strip, the cutters of the slitting equipment are configured. At present, the width can be accurate to within 0.1mm. The cutter device has higher requirements for equipment and operators, and the cutter device directly determines the accuracy range of the aluminum strip slitting. The large slittled aluminum strip manufacturers can guarantee the aluminum strip products are of high precision and high quality.

The aluminum strip is slit on the machine: it can be slit after the knife is installed. It should be noted that the slitting should be appropriate to pay attention to whether the quality of the aluminum coil base material is scratched or greasy. At the same time, the machine should clean up aluminum scraps and residues in time to avoid scratches during slitting.

Aluminum strip rewinding: Rewinding and slitting are carried out at the same time. The aluminum strip should be selected according to the internal requirements of the user's order.

Aluminum strip packaging: Aluminum tape packaging can be divided into high-quality packaging and simple packaging. Fine packaging is wrapped in greased paper, while simple packaging is directly wrapped in packaging film.

The above procedure is the production process of smooth slitted aluminum strip, which is specially used for the production and processing of high grade aluminum strip with good edge quality, and provides high-quality aluminum strip products for domestic and foreign users.


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