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Prime quality stucco aluminium sheet

Embossed stucco aluminium sheet 1060 and 3003 processed by Haomei has the thickness of 0.3-3.0mm, the thickness of 500-1220 mm. The stucco embossed aluminium sheet is a product that has been pressed and formed by embossing equipment, the patterns are orange peel, pearl grain, hammered pattern, diamond pattern and so on. Our company Haomei can produce various specifications of stucco embossed aluminium sheet roll. The stucco aluminium sheet products are often used in equipment, tank body and pipeline anti-corrosion insulation.

stucco aluminium sheet

Due to its low density, stucco aluminum can achieve the effect of steel structure by alloying and heat treatment, and the corrosion resistance of aluminum is good. The embossed aluminum sheet has high reflectivity to heat radiation and light. Aluminum stucco embossed sheet coil can be used as roofing and insulation, conducive to maintaining the indoor temperature. For home appliance, we often see orange peel stucco embossed aluminum sheet coil products in the refrigerator freezer back and inner liner, air conditioning refrigeration industry (the surface area is increased after embossing, which is conducive to the emission temperature), pipeline insulation industry and outer packaging.

The performance of stucco aluminium sheet is about the tensile strength, elongation, pattern quality. Haomei Aluminum using solid forging steel as rod embossing equipment, using variable frequency speed motor and horizontal reducer, the embossed aluminum sheet produced by Haomei has very good flatness, tightness and strength, convenient for the user later processing.


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