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Thermal CTP Plate Price

The thermal ctp plate price is stable on the market for the market demands is increasing, CTP plates manufacturer stable production. CTP plate making technology is divided into: photosensitive CTP plate making technology and thermal CTP plate making technology. Among them, CTP plates of photosensitive system include silver salt diffusion plate, high-sensitivity resin plate and silver salt/PS plate composite plate. CTP plate of thermal system includes thermal crosslinking plate, thermal ablation plate and Thermal transfer plates, etc. Thermal CTP plate making technology is currently mature, stable and good plate making technology.

thermal ctp plate price

Thermal CTP plate has a good print durability, double layer thermal positive CTP plate it has higher printing durability, better developing adaptability and finer dot restoration performance, it is a thermal positive CTP plate suitable for fine printing. We should know the technical parameter of CTP plates besides of thermal ctp plate price:

Photosensitive wavelength: 800-830nm

Photosensitive energy: 100~110 mj/cm2

Resolution: 200lpi (1~99%)

Durability: 50,000~100,000 (UV ink) 100,000~200,000 (ordinary ink)

*Durability varies with printing conditions and imaged content

Features of thermal CTP plate:

1, Professional formula design, reflecting the advantages of thermal version

For CTP plate, the photosensitive layer adopts a unique formula structure, which makes the dot edge formed by laser scanning sharper, which is suitable for commercial printing color printing.

2, High-quality aluminum plate base, unique sand processing technology

The thermal CTP plate is made of high-quality aluminum plate, and adopts a unique plate base treatment process, which makes the plate base have a uniform and fine grit structure and a dense oxide film, which not only ensures the bonding fastness of the heat-sensitive coating and the aluminum plate base, but also makes the printing plate. The plate has high endurance and dot reproduction, which provides a guarantee for high-quality printing.

3, Plate making operation can be performed in the bright room

The unique design of the thermal CTP plate ensures that the plate has good safety in the bright room. It can be completely exposed and imaged and processed in the bright room, which is convenient and comfortable, and there is no need to set up a dark room.

4, Large operating latitude, compatible with various thermal plate setters

The plate making operation is easy and the latitude is large, and it can be compatible with various brands of thermal plate making machines in the market.

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