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Thermal Double Layer CTP Plate

The thermal double layer CTP plate is positive and negative working photosensitive lithographic printing plate with a double-layer structure formed on an aluminum plate base. CTP (Computer-to-Plate) technology has replaced the traditional analog plate-making method because of its advantages of digitization, high efficiency and high quality, simplicity and environmental protection, and has become a way for printing enterprises to upgrade their technology. At present, CTP plate making methods are mainly divided into three types: thermal CTP (800-830nm), purple laser CTP (405nm) and UV-CTP, and thermal CTP plate has become the mainstream of the market due to its high imaging accuracy and mature technology.

For a long time, the single layer thermal CTP plate has been the mainstream product in the domestic printing industry, but the single-layer thermal plate cannot meet the printing needs of long printing process and UV-resistant ink. The thermal double layer CTP plate not only retains the excellent printing performance of the traditional single layer thermal CTP plate, but also can be applied to long-run ordinary ink printing, high-end commercial printing and UV ink printing at the same time. Thermal CTP plate double layer is a key product to realize the digitalization of printing, green environmental protection and the promotion and application of CTP technology. As the country increasingly advocates and pays attention to environmental protection, the double-layer thermal ctp plate has the advantages that the single-layer thermal plate cannot replace and has a better market prospect.

The double-layer coating process is the key to the research and development of the thermal double layer CTP plate, involving many issues such as coating thickness control, drying temperature and interactive effects. From formula development to production volume, from raw material selection to formula optimization, from formula determination to stable production process, a large number of rigorous and meticulous experiments were carried out to explore and optimize process conditions, to analyze and solve practical problems. During the production process, the R&D team continued to optimize the plate base treatment process, better control the coating structure, and master the key points of the coating process. Finally, the double-layer thermal CTP plate was successfully developed and successfully industrialized.

The thermal double layer CTP plate innovatively uses a double-coating structure, adopts functional resin with patented technology and an advanced coating process, and the double-layer thermal plate greatly improves the chemical resistance, UV ink resistance and printing resistance of the plate. The overall performance has reached the international leading level. Since the product was launched, it has been widely recognized by domestic and foreign customers, bringing considerable economic benefits to the company.


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