UV CTP Plate

UV CTP plate, which has a higher sensitivity, longer printing process, and can be used for UV ink printing. The thermal CTP plate is sensitized at about 830nm, and the UV CTP plate is sensitized at about 400nm. The price of the thermal CTP plate is much higher than the price of the UV CTP plate, mainly because the thermal CTP plate of the production of a lower yield, the second is the photopolymer is still mainly imported, the price is higher, so the cost of the finished CTP plate is also higher.

uv ctp plate

UV CTP technology refers to the use of UV laser in the UVPS plate on the computer direct plate making a way, the earliest UC CTP plate price is only half of the thermal CTP plate, print volume and effect is about 80% of the thermal plate, better than the traditional film effect. Some years ago, due to the great difference in CTP plate prices, 80% of users chose UV CTP plats. As the thermal CTP plate prices are getting lower and lower, the price difference between the UV CTP plate and thermal CTP plate only 1 dollars per square meter, and now many customers are considering the UV CTP plate to go and stay. Because the price of the CTP plate is the same, the price of the equipment is the same. For the small amount of customers or consider the price of equipment and the old and new, UV or thermal types of CTP plates does not matter.

The advantages of uv ctp plate are:

1, High sensitivity

2, high rate of resistance to printing

3, Resistant to UV ink

4, Good adaptability: to most of the plate making machine, developer and developer to adapt.


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