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  • positive CTCP plate
  • positive CTCP plate
  • positive CTCP plate
  • positive CTCP plate
  • positive CTCP plate
positive CTCP platepositive CTCP platepositive CTCP platepositive CTCP platepositive CTCP plate

positive CTCP plate

  • Positive CTCP Plate positive CTCP plate positive-CTCP-plate Alloy and temper : 1060/H18
  • Gauge : 0.14mm -0.30mm
  • Sensitivity : 70-90 mj/cm²
  • MOQ: 1 Ton
  • Product description: Positive CTCP plate is a top grade printing plate. The technologies of plate base treatment and coating formulation are all R&D by our company independently. This plate is not only suitable for UV-CTP

The instruction of positive CTCP plate :

Name : positive CTCP plate

Application: Newspaper printing, Commercial printing etc...

Alloy and temper : 1060/H18

Gauge : 0.14mm -0.30mm

Spectral Sensitivity : 400-410nm

Sensitivity : 70-90 mj/cm²

Developing Temperature : 25±2℃

Developing Time : 20±5s

Safelights: safe yellow lights

Dot reproduction:2-98%@ 175 lpi

Press suns of 50000 (un-baked), 100000( baked)

Shelf Life : 18 months shelf life from date of production when stored in a cool,dry and lucifugal area in original packing.

Storage conditions: temperature 5-30°C, RH:≤65°C, Stacking height :≤1.2m

Suitable for 405nm CTCP printing;developing system .

Features of positive CTCP plate:

1.High quality aluminium substrate

2.Special coating to give excellent inaging quality

3.High Resolution.

4.High Pressrun

5. A wide latitude in operation condition

6. It it suirtable for superb color business printing

Packaging and Delivery of positive CTCP plate

For Buyer's Information:

All the size can produced as your requirement with the thickness from 0.15mm-0.40mm in a short delivery time.

All the plates are used first-grade aluminum substrate.

Factory direct export,the price is more competitive.

When you received the positive CTCP plate,if you have any questions,just contact with us.


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